Lake Bohinj

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This lake, about 30 minutes from Bled, is much larger than Lake Bled but far less developed.  The attractions include a ski lift up to Mount Vogel, a waterfall, and just walking around the lake.  (Much longer than walking around Lake Bled).  At the little town of Ribcev Laz right at the lake’s edge is a beautiful little church and some monuments.

Ribcev Laz Monument to Four Courageous Men

You can also take a boat across the lake, which I did.  Sadly, the boats depart not so often, and I arrived too late to catch the last morning boat and had to cool my heels for over an hour waiting for the next one! (I assumed they’d be more regular, should have checked the schedule online, doh!) The electric boat ride was very scenic, though – the Slovenian tour guide on board giving a helpful little spiel about the lake and the area (in English or whatever language you want that he knows).

Lake Bohinj, Boat, Reflection

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj from Mt. Vogel

At the other boat dock across the lake, I took the (expensive, about $20 USD!) cable car up to Vogel for the view, but in retrospect I’m not sure it was worth it.  But you’re there – shouldn’t you do it (if you’re a photographer)?  So I did.

Mt. Vogel Cable Car, Lake Bohinj

The waterfall would have been a 45 minute hike each way…and with sore feet and limited, I said “forget it!” It helps that we have beautiful falls in Oregon, plus I would see several more waterfalls later in this trip.  I walked around the lake itself just a little, then drove back to Bled, then on to the Vintgar Gorge before it got dark.

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