Ptuj, Slovenia

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Ptuj (roughly pronounced “puhTOOey”) is an easy train ride (about an hour) from Maribor, which is a lot bigger.  Ptuj’s old town (the oldest town in Slovenia) is quaint and picturesque, with a castle on the hill above the town and the dominating City Tower in the center of town.  It seems made for postcards.

Ptuj, Slovenia, Drava River, Castle

It’s also a ghost town on a Saturday afternoon.  In mid-September, there were few tourists or people on the streets; even a wedding party at the church behind the City Tower didn’t make much of a dent in the lack of excitement.  There seemed to be no stores or restaurants open.  (Maybe it was busier Saturday evening?  I didn’t stick around to find out.)  I correctly decided ahead of time that Maribor would have more going on at night and Ptuj would be better as a day trip.  Still, Ptuj is stunning to walk around and very worth at least half a day or longer if you want something peaceful and quiet.

City Tower, Ptuj, Slovenia

Town Hall, Ptuj, Slovenia

Ptuj, Slovenia, Hotel Mitra, City Tower

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