Kobarid, Slovenia

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Church of Mary's Assumption, Kobarid, Slovenia


I made it to the town of Kobarid, Slovenia by late afternoon after driving over the Vrsic Pass, in time to explore the Kobarid Museum, largely devoted to World War I.  This was another case of high expectations for me: I am a history buff but not a fan of museums.  Still, I had heard this one was exceptional.  For me, it just wasn’t.

Inside Kobarid Museum


After the museum I found my little B&B, on the edge of town.  Kobarid is so small that “the edge of town” means about a five minute walk to the center and just a little further to the museum.  Kobarid wasn’t really a place I had desired to stay, but in my planning it made the most sense.  The only real hotel in town, the Hvala, was booked

Hotel Hvala, Monument to Simon Gregorcic, Kobarid, Slovenia

so I wound up at a place called the Hisa Sonca – basically a home with three rooms for rent in it.

Hisa Sonca B&B, Kobarid, Slovenia

My room was up a windy staircase but was comfortable, and the B&B owner was friendly and practically a tourism promoter for the town, urging me to hike out to the Slap Kozjak (Kozjak Waterfall) on the opposite side of town before sunset.  This I did: nice waterfall, slightly dicey (if short) hike.

Slap Kozjak (Kozjak Waterfall), near Kobarid, Slovenia

This video below is part of the hike BACK from the waterfall:

As usual I hunted down pizza in Kobaird (there were two places that seem to have an equal reputation).

Kobarid is a nice little town without much going on besides the museum, but it’s near a lot of outdoor activities and makes for a comfortable stop.

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