Venice, Italy

(17 to 18 by taxi and train from Trieste)

Getting from Piran to Venice on a Sunday isn’t simple or cheap by public transportation; you can take a train from Trieste to Venice every day, but buses run between Piran and Trieste only on “Italian workdays” – that is, not Sunday.  [2017 update: today, I'd probably look into a transfer service like GoOpti to get from Piran to Trieste on a Sunday.] My best option from Piran to Trieste was a taxi – or a “taxi service” offered by the owner of my B&B for 40 Euros – a bit cheaper than just hiring a taxi company and convenient, so I went for it.  My other option was to spend the last night in Trieste instead of Piran – but I’m really glad in retrospect I stayed in Piran.  I missed a chance to explore Trieste (except briefly around the train station), but from the looks of Trieste driving into it, Piran was a much better place to spend a night for me.

The plan was to train from Trieste to Pisa, via Venice.  I’d been to Venice before (twice), but it is such a unique place that I thought I’d enjoy a few hours back there, detouring off the train.  When I arrived that Sunday morning at Santa Lucia train station in Venice, I found long lines and crowds everywhere.  The line just to leave my bags at the “left luggage” desk was about half an hour!

Long line at Venice Santa Lucia train station luggage desk

And I’d planned only about four hours in Venice to begin with – I wasn’t about to waste a big chuck of it just waiting in lines. So I decided to drag my bags with me and just hang out and revisit a few things not too far from the train station.

Venice was just mobbed this Sunday (a beautiful sunny day) – what a contrast from the previous Sunday in Celje where the place was pratically a ghost town!

Outside Venice SL Train Station: Buying Vaporetto Tickets

I had to fight the crowds just to get away from the train station, but once I got over the bridge and over to the Ghetto, things calmed down considerably.

Cannaregio Canal, Venice

Guglie Bridge (Ponte delle Guglie), Venice

I took it pretty easy dragging my bags with me and finally settled into a pizza place to relax for a while.  (Venice has decent NY-style pizza slices for reasonable prices.)  I still took many pictures, but I didn’t take them very seriously, having spent so much time in Venice before – twice!

Photographer's Bags - Dragged around Venice

After a few hours I was back on the train to Florence (pouring rain) then another train on to Pisa.

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